Leaders teach. They motivate. They care. Leaders make sure that the way to success is always broad enough and straight enough for others to follow.
~ Mary Kay Ash

Instructor and Speaker

2016 - Current

Billings Community Adult Education Center

Cultivate a learning environment leading to the successful completion and/or certification of the program

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and develop content that is up to date meeting the latest industry standards 
  • Engage in curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Develop and deliver course in an engaging thought-provoking method to students
  • Organize and present instructional materials as scheduled
  • Optimize and allow flexibility to change the course to suit the needs of students and new technologies
  • Value and nurture individuals of all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences
  • Evaluate course plan feedback to make adjustment to improve the course material and learning methods
  • Disclose personal professional experiences to enhance student understanding and learning
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of effective instructional and motivational strategies with adults 
  • Research and collect recent data and information to enhance the class content to provide the most recent information
  • Establish and preserve communications with students to ensure efficient and effective instruction
  • Act as a technical mentor guiding students on a technical journey of discovery 
  • Answer all student questions as they arise to ensure student understanding and completion of material
  • Respond to student questions and learning needs in a timely manner
  • Provide constructive feedback and motivate students
  • Maintain appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics 

Teaching Skills

  • Enthusiasm to learn new topics and technologies quickly
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with people of all ages, wide range of backgrounds, and cultures
  • Experience creating curriculum lesson plans, exercises, and class schedules
  • Experience using school campus login, Smart Board, and utilize the school AV equipment to display presentations
  • Organized, reliable, punctual, and independent

Courses and Workshops

  • Programming with Python Introduction: nine hour interactive course September 2018 - October 2019 (Professional Development)
  • Introduction to Sign Language: sixteen-hour interactive course January 2016 – November 2018 (OPI)
  • Sign Language I: sixteen-hour interactive course September 2018 - November 2018 (OPI)
  • Programming with HTML/CSS: twelve-hour interactive course January – February 2018 (Professional Development)
  • Programming from Scratch Kids Course: eight-hour interactive course September – October 2016

Workshops and Presentations

  • Cyber Security I & II: four-hour lecture workshop November 2017 (Professional Development)
  • Web Design: four-hour workshop February and March 2018 (Professional Development)

Classical Ballet and Dance Instructor

2016 - Current

Billings YMCA

Choreograph and instruct students ages 3-12 years in a manner that demonstrates their skill level

Job Responsibilities

  • Create lesson plans with a natural progression that relate to the abilities and ages of the classes being taught
  • Evaluate students with respect to their social, psychological, and developmental needs
  • Utilize appropriate classroom management skills to maintain order throughout class
  • Assist every student fairly and equally regardless of abilities and deliver a fun learning environment
  • Assist and participate in planning, choreographing, and execution of the recital performances

Classes Taught

  • Beginning Ballet: 2016 - 2018
  • Ballet I: 2017-2018
  • Preschool Ballet and Tap: 2018
  • Tiny Dancer Tap and Ballet: 2018

Summer Workshops

  • Princess Preschool Ballet Summer Camp: July - August 2018
  • Preschool Dance Mix Summer Camp (jazz, cheer, ballet) July 2017
  • Dance Mix Summer Camp (tap, jazz, and ballet) July 2017


  • First Aid and CPR  - 2016
  • Concussion Training -  2017


2006 - 2012

Kidz Kreative Zone

Performing arts program offering cheer, dance, drama, and tumbling

Program Job Responsibilities

  • Created and distributed schedules of all activities and ensure appropriate record keeping and reporting of all youth attendance
  • Possessed strong human relations skills including the ability to flourish in an environment with diverse personalities
  • Provided theme based projects taking into consideration the youth needs and abilities
  • Ensured youth and their families are properly informed and prepared for all special events
  • Resolved any youth related issues as they arise
  • Promoted positive character development in all youth
  • Choreographed dances for program recital, community performances, and competition 
  • Maintained appropriate records to document progress for reports
  • Provide a clean safe environment for students, instructors, and volunteers
  • Directed annual dance recital production including dress rehearsals and performances
  • Arranged and/or attend meetings when necessary with students, instructors, volunteers, and parents
  • Communicated program goals and objectives to staff
  • Trained and supervised class instructors and volunteers
  • Organized special and culminating events, including showcases that highlight student achievement
  • Ensured success in the implementation of program objectives
  • Established and maintained realistic budgets and monitor throughout the year.
  • Marketed programs to ensure adequate enrollments
  • Oversaw financial operations through fund-raising, and sponsorships

Competitions and Awards:

  • I Love to Dance: 1987-2011 - first-third place plus overall division winner
  • Big Sky State Games: 2011-2012 - first-third place
  • Spotlight: 2010-2011: Regional 2nd place and National 1st place

Program Online Social Media:

Additional Past Experiences

Gymnastic Team Coaching
Billings Gymnastic School | 2009-2010
Coached the level 5 and 6 gymnast to prepare them for regional competition

Course Developer and Instructor
Billings Community Adult Education Center | 1998-2008

  • Creative movements children ages 3-5 over 188 hours
  • Dance and drama children ages 6-10 over 188 hours
  • Adult dance classes over 36 hours
  • Floral design for adults over 32 hours
  • Home decorating for adults over 16 hours
  • Decorative and faux painting for adults over 32 hours

Teaching Skills

Instructional Methodology Used
Instruction led training, cooperative learning, direct teaching, and lecture

Teaching Traits
Multi-tasking, positive, enthusiastic, strong leadership characteristics, engaging personality, clear objectives for lessons, class management skills, communication skills, flexibility, adaptability, assignment planning, research, resources & tools for learning, improvising

Technology and Software
Word • Publisher • One Drive • Google Drive • Social Media Networking • Power Point • Google Slides • training • project management • multi-tasking • File format • data storage • audio & video editing/creation • class management skills • communication skills • research • excel

Soft Skills
training • project management • multi-tasking • class management skills • communication skills • research • leadership • organization • flexibility • adaptable • assignment planning • improvising • evaluation and feed back