Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.
~ Virat Kohli

Assistant Web Developer

2013 - Present

Montana State University Billings

Full stack developer for the university OmniUpdate content management system

Job Responsibilities

  • Execute application development building template, assets, gadgets, and snippets
  • Oversee deployment of new applications, templates, and provide enhancement for the OU system
  • Construct well designed, testable, and efficient code by using the best software development practices
  • Implement interactive content and visual design following the W3C standards
  • Maintain, expand, and update the university website as requested
  • Troubleshooting, testing, and repairing common web application issues
  • Conduct system research issues and resolve problems as needed
  • Build documentation for the CMS customized applications
  • Generate logs/records regarding repairs and fixes for future reference
  • Participated in the search committee for the University Relations and Communication specialist and director
  • Generate web traffic analytic reports for MSUB departments using M.S. Excel

Job Skills

  • Expertise writing HTML/CSS, XML/XSLT, Media Queries, Database Queries, and Meta Tags
  • Proficiency using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, PDF Editor, GitHub, Notepad++, Box, and API
  • Knowledgeable in XPath, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, GIT, and Google Map/Analytic/Site Search
  • Familiar with ASP.Net, C#, and IIS web stack software
  • Experienced using Windows, Macintosh, Android, Apple operating systems and devices
  • Adaptable rapid learner to diverse web technologies and techniques
  • Working knowledge using SAN and NAS


  • Collaborated with the art department designing an updated modern full width landing page
  • Restructure MSUB home page overall architecture, visual design, and usability
  • Redesign MSUB home page "news" and "events" layout
  • Designed a template system for the news release allowing the user to input information into a web form then output data on the web page – See OU training video on templates
  • Developed an output system for the RSS Feed through the CMS to print release title, description, and link to the releases on the home page news section
  • Implement Google Material Icon gadget which appears in the user-end gadget section providing options to select icon size, color, and type – see OU training video on gadgets
  • Rehabilitated the university website into responsive design using a customized framework


  • Gadgets and API Training - OmniUpdate Campus 2016
  • HighEdWeb Technical Academy - HighEdWeb Association 2014

CEO/Owner Administrator, Developer, and Support Technician

2002 - Present

Web Design and Hosting

Business services offering web, domain, hosting, and technical support for clients

Web Development Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with clients drafting project proposals and implement the software to meet the customers' needs
  • Determined appropriate architecture, technical solutions, and make relevant recommendations to clients
  • Applied W3C Standards, visual design, interactive web content, and site usability
  • Database development and administration building tables, fields, command actions, backup, and restoration of data
  • Designed banners, graphics product logos, fliers, and web graphics as needed
  • Graphic design manipulating image files, pixel graphic, modifying icons, and video creation
  • Maintained client website, domain, content management system, and database services
  • Integrated SEO/SEM, social media, tracking and reporting
  • Maintained client web applications resolving technical issues, application errors, and upgrading software
  • Optimized applications for maximum speed and scalability
  • Updated logs on system issues and resolution

Web Development Skills

  • Generated innovative ideas and attention to detail
  • Expertise in responsive HTML5/CSS3 frameworks, phpMyAdmin/MySQL, and media queries
  • Experienced with using Adobe, Google Developer, GitHub, Flash, Pinnacle, and Smart FTP
  • Proficiency using Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Premier, Corel, Paint, Windows Movie Maker, FrontPage, Microsoft Office, and Notepad ++
  • Knowledge using APIs, database platform, JavaScript/Node.js, PHP, and Ajax
  • Familiarity with AngularJS, React, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, and CGI
  • Skilled in framework/platforms such as WordPress, WYSIWYG, Bootstrap, W3CSS, E-commerce, and Shopify
  • Accustomed to social media and SM marketing: WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Google Ads
  • Experienced using web servers such as Windows, Linux, WAMP/LAMP, Apache, and IIS
  • Understanding of TCP /IP networking and other networking protocols 
  • Knowledgeable how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices
  • Strong problem-solving abilities with a creative approach
  • Organizational skills with the ability to prioritize tasks


  • Mom's Tiki Hut: Owner and developer of an online women community website using Social Engine software.
  • Ask in Earnest: Developed, designed, and maintain the website and domain. This site is an on going project.
  • William Kamowski: Designed the author's website using Weebly online web service to allow the author to maintain and modify the website.
  • High Technology Innovation: Final exam project while earning my B.A.S. constructing a data mining, development, and analysis faux website. The project includes us PHP designed input form.
  • Highland Gift Shop: Implementation of the Scottish Museum online shop into the Shopify online e-commerce platform to enhance their social networking access to increase product sales.
  • J&M Transcription Service: Redesign the website using a w3CSS responsive framework, and upgrading the site graphic content to enhance the site visibility.
  • Buscher Development: Design and maintain the business website and domain.

Web/Domain Hosting and Customer Support Job Responsibilities

  • Configure, activate, and update SSL certificates for websites forcing https using .htaccess file
  • Secure domain email accounts with validation authenticity certificate to meet Google's bulk mail requirements
  • Administrate web hosting platform, database, programming languages, and content management systems
  • Collect/review specifications and requirements based on technical needs
  • Foster training and technical assistance with web control panel services
  • Search for up-to-date emerging technologies industry trends and apply them to operations and activities
  • Maintain web and domain set up and site migration
  • Configure DNS and NS/MX settings
  • Service IP registry addresses and name for hosting servers
  • Diagnose and resolve clients’ issues
  • Troubleshoot support inquiries related to HTTP, DNS, MySQL, mail and other system issues
  • Troubleshoot technical issues including connectivity, printing, PC performance, and virus mitigation
  • Provide clients with solutions through chat, phone, and email
  • Reset user credentials such as user name/password as needed
  • Assist customers with setup of email, cPanel, and FTP clients

Web/Hosting and Support Skills

  • Strong knowledge of MySQL administration, PHP configuration, and HTML editors
  • Experienced with web control panels such as Plesk Panel or WHM/cPanel
  • Experienced with network diagnostics and analytic tools
  • Familiarity with web forums, blogs, and bulletin boards
  • Proficient with file transfer via the internet (FTP)
  • Knowledge foundation of operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and LAMP/WAMP
  • Working knowledge of MS Office Applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Knowledgeable in customer service principles, techniques, systems, and standards
  • Ability to use multiple Internet Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari

Web Hosting Server and WHM Administration Responsibilities

  • Administrate software/server settings, installation, monitoring, and implement updates/patches
  • Administer internet/intranet infrastructure such as web, file transfer protocol, and news/mail servers
  • Analyze and resolve initial problems such as network connectivity, data storage, and security issues
  • Configure and maintain services such as Apache, MySQL, and cPanel
  • Manage Linux/Window based dedicated/VPS servers designed for web hosting services
  • Perform regular system and software upgrades to ensure systems remain updated 
  • Monitor the server system security for intrusion/denial of attacks
  • Troubleshoot software, hardware, network issues and peripherals

Administration Skills

  • WAN/LAN and VLAN, management, and troubleshooting
  • Fundamental knowledge of networking, SMTP, DNS, hardware, and system architecture
  • Understanding of most basic system administration tools and procedures
  • Network and internet security knowledge

Computer and Technical Skills

Expert 6+ Years: HTML/HTML5 • CSS/CSS3 • XHTML • XML • PHP • MySQL • JavaScript
Intermediate 2+ Years: XSLT • XPath • Media Queries • ASP • jQuery • Ajax • SQL
Novice: Perl • Ruby • C# • Java • Python • Visual Basics • Oracle

Adobe: Dreamweaver • PDF • Fireworks • Photoshop • Illustrator • Premiere
Microsoft: Word • Excel • Outlook • PowerPoint • One Drive • Visio • MS Access
Platforms/Framework: WordPress • Weebly • WHMCS • WAMP/LAMP Bootstrap • w3CSS • phpMyAdmin • OmniUpdate Campus • RSS Feed • GitHub • Firebug • IIS
Additional Skills: Paint Shop Pro • Corel • FrontPage • Notepad/Notepad++ • Pinnacle • Google Developer • Smart FTP • WYSIWYG • Visual Studio • Strawberry/Perl • Eclipse/Java
Operating Systems and Device Management: Windows • Mac OS • Linux • Android • iPod • iPad
Database/Server Administration: Windows/Linux Web Servers • Apache • Windows Active Directory
SEO/SEM Social media Marketing: Facebook • Twitter • Google Plus • LinkedIn • Shopify
Additional Skills: Project Management • Infrastructure/Implementation • Financial Planning • Bookkeeping • Billing Services • Help Desk/Technical Support • Ticket Support • Information Security • Business Intelligence • Analytic & Reports • Cloud/Software/Data Storage • Internal/External Data Storage
Soft Skills: Attention to Details • Communication • Customer Service • Decision Making • Organization & Time Management • Self-Motivation & Team Work • Conflict Resolution • Leadership • Adaptability • Creativity • Problem Solving • Analytical Thinking