april Buscher

Billings, Montana ยท  

I am passionate about teaching, web development, and technology. I believe you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.    


Full Stack Web Developer Freelancer

Moosecreek Hosting and Design 

Specialize in web development, responsive design, SEO-SEM, e-commerce, online marketing, social media, website optimization, and database administration. [See my Full Stack Web Developer Resume]

2000 - Present

Instructor and Presenter

Billings Community Adult Education Center

Specialize in courses, classes, workshops, and professional development training [See my Teaching Profession Cirruculum Vitae]

2016 - Present

Classical Ballet Instructor

Billings YMCA

Experienced in coaching, instructions, and summer camps for ages three to fourteen [See my Dance Instruction Resume]

2016 - Present

Assistant Web Developer

Montana State University Billings

Skilled web designer, application development, UI/UX, higher education web management [See my Full Stack Web Developer Resume]

2013 - 2019

Program Director and Instructor

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Club

Leadership, administration, program development, management, fundraising, and financial operation [See my Dance Instruction Resume]

1985 - 2012


Montana State University Billings

Masters of Education Cirriculum and instruction
K-12 Elementary Education
2018 - Present

Montana State University Billings

Bachelor of Applied Science

Thematic Concentration: Business Information System, Management, and Marketing

Cum Laude 3.70 GPA

2016 - 2017

City College - Montana State University

Associates of Applied Science

Computer Desktop and Network Support

Honors 3.65 GPA

2014 - 2015


Top Four Soft Skills
  • Project Management and the Ability to begin and complete tasks with the provided or neccessary resources.
  • Agile worker focused on quick application and assessment to search resolution to unexpected obstacles and abitious to try new things.   
  • Authentic with a positive mindset to enahnce productivity individually and team member.

  • Inspirational ideas while approaching tasks in a new or different way.
  • Innovative and focused creating change that promotes individuality and original plan.
  • Experimental with design and methods to enhance and achieve greater solutions.

Problem Solving
  • Analytical skills collecting data and analyzing information using appropriate resources to ehance productivity.
  • Persistence with the ability to start and finish projects and tasks.
  • Decision Making abilities to gather information, assess alternative resolutions, and identifying solutions.

  • Self-Management skills formating timelines while meeting short or long term deadlines.
  • Organizational skills with the ability to multi-task and to stay focused until the desired outcome is achieved.
  • Decision Making skills with the ability to format alternative options and select the best optimal solution.

Volunteer & Leadership

Scottish Tartans Museum Web Developer and Marketing Promotion - 2006-2020

The Root of Accessiblity - OmniUpdate Campus Conference Presenter - 2019

Ask in Earnest Farmer Suicide Prevention Website - 2018-2020

Alumni Advisory Steering Committee Events Task Force Montana State University Billings - 2018-2020

Colleague Tutoring and Mentoring Web Development and Database Design - 2017

Program Director and Instruction Yellowstone Boys and Girls Club - 1985-2012

Recognition & Certifications